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Crosslinker C-200 is a type of aziridine modified isocyanate crosslinker, it is different with the normal blocked isocyanates, it is not reactive by NCO from unblocking as the normal isocyanates, in fact, it is reactive by the aziridine cycle-opening; Commercial Crosslinker C-200 product is a white solid particle; it also can be used in various fields when strong bonding effect is required in the basic system of acrylic and polyurethane water-borne resins; Crosslinker C-200 powder is also used in the system of powder resin, this crosslinker does not contain formaldehyde.
Prouduct Name:N,N'-(methylenedi-p-phenylene)bis(aziridine-1-carboxamide)
Type: aziridine modified isocyanate crosslinker
Appearance: white solid particle 
CAS NO.: 7417-99-4
Bulk density(g/cm3)(250C): 0.15~0.65
Thaw point(0C): 166~172
Content of solid (%): 99
Loss on drying %(at 800C,1Hour):< 1
In the system water based printed paste, can improve the abrasion resistance and gloss finish, not formaldehyde appear;
In water based acrylic resin and polyurethane latex, increase cohesive strength after heat treatment;
In any water based latex containing -COOH, -OH, -NH2, improves the resin strength and abrasion resistance, after dry and heat treatment;
In water based cotton & terylene latex, increases water and oil resistance;
In vinyl coatings to reduce plasticizer migration and improve stain resistance;
In water based concrete sealers to improve abrasion resistance
Generally, in any water based resins, improve the water, detergent, solvent, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, after heat treatment formulation.
Available in 20Kg drums; Store in room place with adequate ventilation; pot life is about 12 months.
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